We are thankful for the wonderful customers we are able to serve. Here are some of the nice things they have said about us.

I just wanted to say that Mark’s Auto Repair really is the best place to go for all you auto needs. I speak from experience. Many times has my car given me trouble (almost to the point of no return) and Mark’s Auto repair has come through with the awesome crew of workers. So, that’s my 2 cents worth of experience with Mark’s Auto Repair. Just try them if your unsure. they’ll answer any questions you may have and each one is knowledgeable in your car, truck, suv, or what ever you may be being driving. Take care in driving your car and remember Mark’s Auto Repair for all your auto needs.

– Kevin P., Highland, WI – March 2, 2014

I love the pickup and deliver service. I work all day and when I get done most of the shops are closed. At Mark’s, I don’t have to worry about having to get a ride to and from work. They will come get my car from work, and even bring it back to me. I never have to worry about how much my bill is going to be. If they notice something else with my car, they will call before they replace it. These people are great to work with!!

– Melissa S., Montfort, WI – Jun. 2012

Great place, great people!!! I trust em with both my vehicles!

– Todd S., Dodgeville, WI – Feb. 2012

Usually when I take my car in for repairs, I drive off only to come back with something else wrong. Not at Mark’s. Even if I had to spend a little extra money, it was well worth it! Never had to go back because of “something else.” Thank you Mark for the honest work and not taking advantage of the fact that I don’t know much about mechanical stuff. Can’t say this about most of the shops here in Madison, but I have a bf that takes care of repairs now. But if there is something he can’t fix and we can drive to Dodgeville, I will bring it to you! Thank you!

– Lisa H., Madison, WI – Jan. 2012

THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL donation your team gave to the Iowa County Humane Society. I hope your genorosity comes back to you ten times over! You have a great business and are an asset to the community. GREAT JOB!!!! 🙂

– Sharon K., Dodgeville, WI – Dec. 8, 2011

NOTE: We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your testimonials. It provides us with feedback on what we do well, and what things we may need to improve on. As we all are consumers, this feedback helps people make buying decisions. We want to give any of our current and future customers the opportunity to see the level of service we pride ourselves on every day we open the doors. Thanks for taking the time.
– Mark Van Epps, Owner, Mark’s Auto Repair